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This technique imitates the intricate patterns and glowing colours of natural wood. You can create false wood grain on any surface by using this simple method and a wood-graining tool.

You will need:

  • 1 Roll Broad Masking Tape
  • 1 Roller and Paint Tray
  • Basecoat Shade 1 in Wash n Wear Matt
  • Shade 2 (chosen for the top color) in Wash n Wear Matt
  • Wood graining tool
  • Dulux Paint Technique Glaze

Colours used in this setting:
6R3-6 : Tender Night
Top Coat: Black Scumble Glaze

Prepare the surface correctly by sanding and painting two coats of your base colour in Wash n Wear Matt.

Mix a glaze of 2 parts topcoat and 1 part Dulux Paint Technique Glaze.

With a paintbrush in one hand, apply the glaze to the surface liberally, in a small manageable area that will not dry quicker than you work, and in the direction you want the grain to flow.

Using a wood graining tool, slide it through the wet glaze, make sure its in the direction of your desired grain. While dragging the tool, slowly rock it from front to back and back to front as you drag in one continuous motion. Try not to stop halfway along the surface but, if you make a mistake, apply glaze again and drag through it again.

Seal with 2 coats of a Dulux Dura Glaze allowing sufficient drying time between coats.